Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Change of Scenery

After a whirlwind of planning and packing, I have finally found myself in London. Yes that's right, I'm here in the Northern Hemisphere, braving the cold English weather. Missing the warm NZ summer at the moment.

I'm quite thankful that I've just missed the snow but according to weather forecast, the outlook is snow next week. (Praying that the weather man got it wrong). Been keeping myself busy job hunting. I know this is probably the worst time to head over to the UK for my big OE, but anytime is a good time. Not going to let a little recession stop me from coming over.

So what's my initial thoughts of London? Hate the weather here (I mean who doesn't?) Love the city. Been visiting most of the museum here and exploring the city.

I think this little change of scenery will be good for me. I finally finding that I know have plenty of time, in between the job hunting and visiting the museum. So will probably catch up on ASP.NET MVC before it's expected 1.0 release. Its all good :)

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