Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Everyone's a rifleman.

Another very insightful blog for the day. Steve Teixeira draws parallels from the Marine Corps and successful software organisations.

One pattern I've observed over the years is that high performance software development organizations have an "everyone's a developer" philosophy  In these organizations, the ranks of company leaders and decision makers include people that understand what it means to be a developer.  And I'm not talking about a CTO-token-techie type. I'm talking significant representation within company leadership of those in tunes with what it means to be a developer.

Which leads to the question of the day: "What's the lowest common denominator in your company, from which all actions and decisions are made with it in mind?"

Most often or not, software organisations are managed by people who by choice or skills are unable to be "riflemen". The result of which is quite rightly described by Steve below
And, speaking anecdotally, I know some of the most frustrating times my career were spent in organizations led by individuals or groups that I believed were unwilling or unable to be riflemen, which severely compromised their ability to lead.

Definitely worth a read and a think about.
For the full article: Everyone's a rifleman

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