Wednesday, October 05, 2005

More PDC goodies: WinFS Video

Steve De Mar, the Product Designer for the WinFS team just blog about the release of the WinFS video that was shown at PDC'05.

As Steve puts it: of the most important aspects of the video is the experiences represented in the application UI’s. Our goal was to peak the curiosity of you, the developers, to get you thinking about what could really be built on WinFS. We wanted you to see how WinFS enables a totally new class of user experiences. The UIs in the video are all based on some of the great prototype applications that have already been developed for the WinFS platform. Although we cast them in a more futuristic visual "theme" to fit the style of the video, the functionality we showed exists in the prototypes that either we’ve developed in house or we’ve seen others develop on WinFS. A number of these were demo’d at the PDC, and we've more on the way which you should be hearing about shortly.

We hope the video inspires you to bring to life cool new innovative applications for WinFS!

Get it while its still hot (high-res, low-res)


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